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27 May 2021

Stand-alone washer extractors have their own special place in a commercial laundry operation and can really expand a business’s customer service offering, as Kathy Bowry finds out

In the March issue of LCNi we took a look at tunnel washers which have become over the past few decades the workhorses of large commercial laundries. However, washer extractors still very much have their place in the smallest to the largest undertaking. As Jensen’s Gerda Jank points out, its largest tunnel washer can process up to 120 kg/265 lbs in one single batch, in a highly automated process, yet there are always those jobs that a washer extractor is perfect for, which is why Jensen also offers a range of stand-alone washer extractors.

Stand-alone operation

Heavy-duty laundries process the large volumes of linen predominantly in a highly automated washroom section, explains Jank. “End-customers often have linen that for various reasons cannot be washed nor dried in these machines. Delicate linen as well as contaminated pieces that can be infectious, need to be processed separately. For handling reasons, nursing homes may want to process their guests’s private garments in a process that is separate from the rental linen. The JWE stand-alone washer extractors are a perfect complement to increase the laundry’s flexiblity towards end-customers – starting at 24 kg/53 lbs.” Based on a very simple construction, the free-standing, high-spin machines (up to 360G) are high-performers, with less residual moisture. The minimum drum spacing allows fast heating and reduces water consumption to below 10 l/kg (1,2 gal/lbs) on an average wash cycle. All models, the JWE 24/53, JWE 28/60, JWE 40/90, JWE 60/130 and JWE 110/250 are available in steam heating, electric heating and boiler fed choices. High-capacity inlets speed up the water flow and heating. The residual water is quickly discharged through a wide drain valve, ensuring a smooth production process.

Easy process management

Laundries can set up specific washing programs with customised cycle times, water levels, temperatures, and spin speeds, allowing a variety of linen types and volumes to be processed. “This opens the door to a unique marketing approach with a high end-customer orientation as the washing and chemical programs can be setup and copied fast and easily through the USB ports on the front of the machines,” explains Jank.

The JWE 270/600 expands the range of Jensen’s stand-alone washer extractor technology in a big way – offering a loading capacity of 270 kg (600 lbs). In addition to manual operation, it supports automatic loading and unloading, allowing it to be integrated into a fully automated washroom.

Automatic loading is possible from an overhead sling system thanks to loading hopper (Auto-Pro) and 12° tilt which ensure linen fully shakes into the machine. This tilt system can also be activated to assist with manual loading. Automatic unloading is possible with a 12° tilt toward the front of the machine allowing linen to be fully shaken out of the front of the machine. This tilt system can also be activated for a more ergonomic and convenient manual unloading.

“The JWE 270/600 operates on the Jensen Operating System and specially designed software ensures proper load distribution before starting extraction – decreasing wear on the machine and increasing efficiency,” says Jank.

Large range

Milnor’s MWF-Series line-up ranges from 18 kg capacity up to 125 kg. The MWF-series features controls and options that promote savings and programming flexibility fit for both commercial and industrial laundry application.

The MWF-series is available with two control options, registered E-P Plus and MilTouch trademarked controls, that offer the operator advanced flexibility. The E-P Plus control is equipped with 30 pre-programmed formulas and features universal temperature control. Programmable cool down and programmable bath and overnight soak. The more advanced, yet easy to use MilTouch control utilises resistive touchscreen technology and full VGA resolution to clearly display current machine status information, including total formula time and time elapsed. Formulas can be developed on a PC, saved to a USB drive, and uploaded with a screen touch. The MilTouch control also offers intuitive fault diagnosis and relevant troubleshooting suggestions. MilTouch controls also accommodates the optional weigh-cell and ratio washing which provides further savings for water and energy cost.

The MWF-Series also features Milnor’s registered RinSave water saving software, which drives the basket toward a precise G-force that ‘slings’ the wash liquour (including water, chemistry and soil) out of the goods after a wash step. This software reduces up to two rinse steps so the laundry gets more loads per hour, saving water, energy, and time without compromising wash and rinse quality.

The MWF-Series was designed for maximum durability that helps extend the life of the machines.

Longevity and reliability

LIke Jensen, Lavatec is another big laundry brand that also prides itself on the longevity and reliability of its equipment and believes that when it is time to buy new kit, purchasers should bear in mind that with regularly scheduled maintenance, many Lavatec machines can operate for a quarter century or longer. This holds true for its popular LX 300 and 400 series of washer extractors, says the company, adding that both are built for long-term use and offer significant benefits. The LX300 series of pass-through, manually operated washer extractors have six models to choose from, ranging in capacity from 80 to 530 pounds. The front-loading LX400 series has three options with capacities of 285, 450 and 600 pounds.

“From a longevity and long-term value point of view, there are no other washer extractors in the marketplace that can match the LX 300 and 400 series,” says Mark Thrasher, President and CEO of Lavatec Laundry Technology, Inc.

“I think efficiency is a major reason why they are so popular. These machines are designed with a single motor inverter control drive that requires a minimal level of power consumption to operate at any speed during the wash and spin cycles. They also produce high extraction rates that will lower costs since it takes less time to dry. So the majority of laundry operations looking at ways to trim costs will definitely experience energy cost savings with the LX series. Depending on their individual situation, it could be a significant amount they save.”

These rugged and compact machines provide a host of features. They run in near silence and process control allows all machines to be accessed remotely. The user-friendly drum is available in one, two or three pocket configurations for the LX 300 series. Optional automatic loading, discharge and water recovery systems are also available, and the LX 300 series offers an automatic feature that provides precise chemical dosing by load weight.

Dynamic drive

Sometimes you have to deal with particularly heavy soiling: oil-smeared workwear, protective equipment from mines and foundries, floor mats full of loam and grit, says Kannnegiesser.. Fortunately, the PowerSwing is suited for all dirt classifications. The hygienic processing of heavily soiled articles - integrated in a fully automated logistics process – is the particular strength of the PowerSwing. The PowerSwing achieves the uniquely intensive and gentle wash action with the help of the particularly large drum diameter, the high lifters and thanks to a dynamic drive. At the same time, the integrated ActiveProcessControl system ensures the lowest consumption and shortest process times. The PowerSwing is seamlessly integrated into automatic loading and unloading systems. In this way you achieve high hourly output with lowest personnel effort. And last but not least: A machine that easily copes with the most extreme soiling is of course always your strong partner for the entire laundry range of your customers.

Since the inception of large open-pocket washer extractors, all designs have faced the common question of loading and unloading: how to load and unload the wash cylinder with a minimum effort and time expended? Kannegiesser answers with the PowerSwing. The machine works on the unique swivelling principle. For loading, washing, extracting and unloading, the drum unit is always pivoted to the optimal position. The ideal loading position takes full advantage of gravity assistance. For loading, the drum unit with oversized door opening is in a full vertical position, facilitating loading from the top – even with large batch sizes. Loading can be done semi automatically via simple inclined conveyor, with cart dumpers, bag systems or many other system suited to your space requirements. With the ideal drum loading positioning and the fast loading and unloading times, i.e. the PSW 300 can be loaded with 400 kg (880 lbs) of nylon-type dust mats or 300 kg (660 lbs) poly-cotton work wear garments.

The laundry weight is recorded immediately upon loading. This loading weight forms the basis for the subsequent filling processes (water and chemicals). Thus, each batch is washed with precisely the volume of water and concentration of detergent defined in the washing program. The supplied water volumes are precisely weighed via the weighing cells – imprecise filling via level measurement and undefined liquor ratios for over- and underloading are a thing of the past!

There are many details that, together, contribute to greatly reducing process times. JET rinsing helps to achieve the most time saving, by spinning immediately after the main wash cycle, to drain a large proportion of the absorbed main wash liquor even before rinsing with only 1x rinse. Until now, 3x rinse cycles were required.

Each batch is individually processed depending on its actual weight and the assigned washing program – always with the adjusted chemical dosage and desired liquor ratio.

The batch documentation facilitates the complete traceability of all relevant parameters. The WET-edit software allows access to all relevant data. Thus, the operator or chemical technician can create washing programs and transfer the new programs via the serial USB interface to the machine or vice versa.

Maximum efficiencies

Domus, meanwhile is pursuing maximum efficiency at all times with a deep commitment to protecting the environment. Gemma Colomer explains: “Based on this premise, we manufacture cutting-edge and high-tech machinery, which guarantees an efficient life cycle in all our models. Yet, that’s not all. We would like to draw your attention to the many ways our laundry equipment saves water, energy and detergent: The high G-factor in our machines obtains optimal efficiency in the spin cycle.

“With the new TOUCH II microprocessor, ecological programmes are now standard, so you can set our machines to operate with low water and detergent consumption. The pre-installed water savings function allows you to control both load and programming modes so that you can choose the level of savings and efficient and intelligent consumption of chemicals and detergents are guaranteed.

“All of our washing machines have been designed to be connected to a water recovery tank. This means that both water and detergent can be used for subsequent washing cycles, achieving annual water savings of up to 70%,” says Colomer.

To add to this, the comany has developed Domus Connect, its new IoT feature in all its washers, dryers and ironers. The twoway communication between machine and user, via the cloud, allows you to optimise your time, and analyse and manage your business more efficiently.


One thing the coronavirus crisis has shown is that hygiene and disinfection have become paramount in the world today . That is why, says Lapauw, it continues to invest in the development of its Mediwave barrierwasher range. The smooth, self-cleaning glass reinforced polymer (GRP) cover provides maximum safety and ease for operators loading and unloading, says Lapauw, and due to the angular outer drum, the Mediwave creates more turbulence in the bath, assuring optimal mix of bath and the liquour.

Full disinfection

The Mediwave now ensures full thermal or chemo-thermal disinfection of the contents, thanks to the RABC-module which setsup disinfection temperature and time. The machine then monitors and maintains these two parameters, enssuring the linen has been disinfected properly, according to local standards or the guidelines that the supplier of the detergent/disinfectant prescribes.

Mediwave family grows

“The Mediwave range expands, as we are now bringing to the market a 200 kg version. More and more laundries, also outside of the health care sector (hospitality laundries, for example), are affected by the demand for more hygiene and need to adapt their procedures and premises to comply t and are looking for larger barrier washers. As a stand-alone solution or an addition to tunnel-washers. With the Mediwave 2000, Lapauw brings the advantages and functionality of the Mediwave range to the larger capacities,” says Lapauw.

BIG STUFF: Many Lavatec machines can operate for a quarter century or longer. This holds true for its popular LX 300 and 400 series, says the company
SLING SHOT: Milnor’s MWF-Series ‘slings’ wash liqour out of the textiles
HEAVY DUTY: PowerSwing from Kannegiesser makes short work of heavy soiling and heavy loads
OPERATING SYSTEM: The JWE 270/600 operates on the Jensen Operating System
DEEP COMMITMENT: Domus committed to providing an efficient life cycle on all its models

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